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A LIVING ORGANISM: Design for the End of the World

SUTD Term 9-10   |   12 months  |  Master of Architecture Thesis

Recipient of 2019 Coup de Coeur Award at Jacques Rougerie International Competition and SUTD's Best Thesis Award for Sustainable Designs

Instructor: Eva Castro and Federico Ruberto

The 21st century is seeing a growing wave of environmental anxieties. Dispelling the notion that we were in control, the earth’s natural forces are becoming increasingly volatile, threatening the very fabric of human existence. Using tools like fiction, infrastructure, and integrated hybrid systems, this project attempts to imagine new socio-ecological realities for humanity at the mercy of climate change. With Mekong Delta as a testing bed, I have developed a fictional narrative regarding a new system of living that empowers marginalised communities living at the threshold of climate change. Formerly a leading rice exporter in Southeast Asia, Mekong Delta is facing issues of salinity intrusion and sea level rise, threatening their productivity. Occupying their new reality, the Mekong Delta community would build a thriving alternative lifestyle upon the foundations of aquaculture, aquaponics and water desalination. The very people who are at the threshold of a global catastrophe shall be the pioneers of a new world order.

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