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SUTD Term 7   |   2 months  |  Architecture Option Studio 1

Instructors: Joshua Comaroff and Philipp Urech

Team Members: Melissa Mak

The abandoned rail corridor passing through the central-western part of Singapore has long been an opportunity ripe for development. The green strip cuts through multiple neighborhoods and typologies, from the urban to the rural, yet it plays little to no role in the planning of the city. By exercising planting strategies, topographical and programmatic interventions, this project aims to reintegrate the rail corridor into the daily life of urban Singapore.

The rail corridor is reimagined as a continuous flow  of communal green spaces that integrates the contrasting programmes surrounding it.  New interventions are placed as horizontal expansions of the old tracks, expanding and contracting into interstitial spaces  between segregated programs along the rail corridor.  The urban greening along existing topography lines compliment newly planned buildings to intensify urban street canyons and cool low lying spaces along the rail corridor.