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2016 - present

Team: Jonathan Ng, Jeremiah Hadi, Jun Wen Loo, Wen Zhen Seah, Daniel Yong, Jennifer Gautama, Grace Wong, Erica Ang, Chew Cheng York, Zhiqiang Zhao

In light of Chinese New Year 2017: Year of the Rooster, and in collaboration with Chinatown Festivals Organising Committee, we were tasked to design street lanterns along the 400-meter stretch of Eu Tong Sen Street and South Bridge Road.

The concept of our design revolves around the moral values inculcated in a traditional Chinese childhood, as anthropomorphised by the roosters transitioning from eggs, to chicks, to roosters, and to the fully-fledged, gigantic rooster perched at the end of the road. The neighbourhood will also be adorned with idiosyncratically Chinese elements: peonies, paper lanterns, and plum blossoms, creating an enchanting environment that transports passersby to an entirely different place and time.

My main role in this team is to design the main rooster. This encompasses artist's impressions, technical drawings and schematics that relate to the design of the big rooster.