Architecture render


SUTD Term 4   |   4 weeks  |  Architecture Core Studio 1

Project #2

Instructor: Lea Ruefenacht

As a continuation to Project #1: Texture Abstraction, the design of this Fabrication Pavilion is a formative and spatial study inspired by the texture of a withered Spider Lily (Hymenocallis Caribaea). The thin, interweaving strands of the flower is translated into the winding circulation of the building, celebrating the complexity of a design process, which is rarely ever linear.

The open concept of this building allows visitors to not only view the works that are exhibited, but to experience the process that goes on behind them. The fabrication areas are made accessible and unbounded by walls. Instead they are defined by frames acting as columns, clearly designating the spaces. The public area is designed purely as a circulation, guiding the visitors on a journey that pays respect to the design and fabrication processes of the modern world.