Submission for Open Spaces Competition

Team: Truman Ng, Daryl Ho, Natasha Yeo, Jiaying Soh, Wen Zhen Seah, and Wei Xuan Lim

People tend to take for granted that space is a rare commodity in Singapore. We, on the other hand, are aware that there are numerous pockets of space strewn across our little island city, overlooked and underused. As these sites await for their impending redevelopment, we see an opportunity to inject life and invigorate the area. A renewed raison d'être, if you may, of endless possibilities.

Nestled at the end of 24 Turnhouse Road right off Changi Village, the old and abandoned SIA sports complex still stands proud with its imposing modern structure. Situated amongst clubs, chalets, and several dining establishments, the site has great potential for redevelopment. Thus, with this project, we hope to show that the conversion of the old SIA sports complex into a community hub is one of great promise in bringing new life to this forgotten area.