Nabila Larasati Pranoto (b. 1996) is an Indonesian artist and designer. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from Singapore University of Technology and Design and is currently practicing as an Architectural Designer at WOHA Architects. She has diverse experiences in countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia, working across the disciplines of architecture, interior design and fine arts. Her M.Arch thesis, "A Living Organism", explores a speculative future in the post-Anthropocene, championing vulnerable communities at the forefront of climate change as the pioneers of alternative ways of living with techno-nature. This project has been awarded SUTD's Best Thesis in the Sustainable Designs category, and it is now the recipient of the 2019 Coup de Coeur Award for the Sea Level Rise category of the Jacques Rougerie Competition. Truly a handsome reward for temporarily losing her sanity and getting grey hair in the process.

With interests ranging from literature and theatre to aerial dancing and fine arts, her passion extends way beyond architecture and  towards creative mediums that foster civic engagement and regenerate urban environments. Her illustrative work reflects  her own chaotic psyche, exploring concerns about climate change, the digital age, speculative futures, the post-Anthropocene and science fiction, in whichever shape or form. This space showcases her ongoing explorations in the various forms of the arts, and would hopefully attract like-minded people such as yourself. Drop a message or slide into her DM for collaborations, enquiries or a chat. Nabila promises she will no longer refer to herself in the third person.


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